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Seeds Shipping

I ship seeds via regular mail. Contact me for international shipping. Shipping cost is included in the price.

Plants Shipping

I ship plants nationwide in Canada when weather permits (overnight temperature above 5°C). I ship by Express post, Purolator or FedEx based on your location. Next day shipping is used whenever possible, but based on your location it may take up to 3 days to arrive.

  • – Shipping is calculated based on your province and at checkout.
  • – Due to the fragile nature of begonias, I reserve the right to hold your order in cold weather until it gets warm enough to ship. You will be notified.
  • – I ship plants in their pot, with careful packaging made of recycled materials. Packaging ensures the plants have the correct moisture for transport.

root ball
I sell rooted plants only. They are repotted in a soil mix, a coco fiber chunky mix, or moss, depending on the species requirements.

Refund policy

If plants arrive dead due to a transport issue, I offer a refund only on the condition that you contact me at with PHOTOS of the BOX and PLANTS on the same day as package arrival. No refunds will be made after 24h. No refund will be processed for loss of leaves, dead leaves or spotted leaves if the root and stem are still in good shape. This can be normal after shipping fragile species out of their normal conditions.

Plants just arrived!

Upon your plants arrival, you should carefully unwrap them immediately and verify if the plant is thirsty. It will need acclimation. A decline in general state, loss of leaves or melting can occur in the following days and is normal. Remove any dead leaves. Begonias are fragile and they don’t like change in their environment. I suggest trying to propagate a leaf or stem part with leaf if the plant is big enough, just in case it dies a few days after arrival because of the shock. Best way to help your new plant is to provide high ambient humidity. Place them in a plastic bin or bag, and raise the humidity by misting inside. Keep the plants there for a few days. If you have to water the soil, be careful to water only a little, as plants are even more sensible to overwatering after transport, when they are in shock. Sometimes the transport shock can also trigger flowering. I suggest removing the flowers from the plant to help your plant keep its energy for stabilization in its new environment. Read our plant care tips.

begonia sizemorea
Begonia longicilata| Photo by Anika Dreilich