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Begonia brooksii


Begonia brooksii has red stems and bright green leaves with black patterns. It stays under 12” wide. It is easy to cultivate, and could be grown as a houseplant, given a little extra humidity during winter.

Plants are sold in 2” or 4” pots and well rooted. Leaf colour or shape may vary on each plant. Photo represents one of the plants for sale but might not be the exact plant you receive.

Begonia brooksii grows in the form of a creeping rhizome. It grows well in a greenhouse or terrarium and needs to dry slightly between waterings.
Also called begonia ‘Chekerboard’. It is native to Mexico, and might have been found in Panama too, but its name is only an horticultural one because it seems to have never been described.


Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 28 × 25 × 18 cm
Pot size

2'' pot, 4'' pot