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I am Virginie, florist, and begonias are my passion. It all started with a visit to the Montreal botanical garden when I saw a marvellous specimen of Begonia natunaensis. It was love at first sight.  I love how many species exist, and the variety of shapes, patterns, and sizes. 

When I first started collecting, I found it extremely hard to find rare species here in Canada.  It was inconceivable not to be able to find more than 5-6 species when there exist so many! So I started buying from other countries, only to find out that sometimes these kinds of imports were not encouraging responsible conservation practices for these rare plants in their native habitat. After realizing that a plant I bought might have been poached in the wild, I felt I had the responsibility to inform myself better. Trade with other collector and local purchases are great options for sharing the species and preventing poaching.  

I made my mission to produce begonias in Canada and to make these specimens available to everyone, while helping conservation in their native habitats.

I use sustainable production methods like reusing shipping materials and plastic pots.

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Did you know? The genus was named by plumier, to honor Michel Bégon (1638-1710), French passionate plant collector.