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Begonia flora

Detailed information on growing rare begonia species

Begonia info based on my own observations


  • Begonia pavonina
  • Begonia puthoensis
  • Begonia ferox leaf close-up


It all started with a visit to the Montreal botanical garden where there is a marvellous specimen of a Begonia paulensis. Its incredible how many begonia species exist, and the variety of shapes, patterns, and sizes. 

When I first started collecting terrarium plants, I found it extremely hard to find rare species here in Canada, as well as growing information.  There were about only 10 begonia species available here, and all the scientific papers about them were just describing the species and none extensively explained their growing conditions in situ or in captivity. So I started importing them, observing them and reproducing these rare begonia species in greenhouse or terrarium environment. I also created some hybrids.

Trading with other collectors, local purchases and seed production are great options for sharing the species, preventing poaching in their native habitat and encouraging the growth of the knowledge about begonias worldwide.  I provide detailed information about my own growing experience of these specimens to everyone.

Did you know? The genus was named by Plumier, to honour Michel Bégon (1638-1710), French passionate plant collector.